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eDiscovery is the term used for the initial phase of litigation where all parties are required to provide the other side with relevant information and records, including any additional electronically stored information (ESI) evidence related to the case.  We handle every case with a process that is defensible and defined to be professional and rigor, in most cases, the evidence can be gathered quickly with minimal disruption to the operational process of the organization.

Intelligent Computer Forensics provides eDiscovery services designed to preserve data, recover active file content, and manage the chain of custody appropriately.  We present our clients with data in a manner that can be used by the lead attorney and easily understood by the judge and jury.

To ensure you are in compliance with eDiscovery requests, engage Intelligent Computer Forensics first to discuss the scope and form of production.  Our experts will listen and provide consultation regarding the proactive management of information and records that may include:

  • User Created Documents
  • Email, text messaging
  • Electronic readers
  • Audio and video Files
  • USB thumbdrives
  • Any Plateform Desktops, Servers
  • NAS, SAN or RAID’s
  • Remote Email Clients
  • Sharepoint; Database Files

Customized Solutions

Intelligent Computer Forensics provides customized eDiscovery solutions to ensure prompt and professional responses in compliance.   Customized solutions include:

  • Preservation order
  • Protection order
  • eDiscovery custodian questionnaire
  • Detail search protocol
  • eDiscovery requests
  • Craft a request to relinquish data held in chain of custody by opposition

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