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Kevin Gunya Attorney at Law (Compliance Counsel)

“We recently engaged Genevieve to provide forensic consulting services in connection with pending litigation.” We had a VERY short time frame within which to locate, acquire, preserve and account for a substantial amount of data and then document those efforts persuasively in court. Genevieve did an incredible job! Her expertise and efforts were critical to the successful litigation result we were able to achieve. Genevieve was a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her without reservation.” August 6, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Federal Lawsuit: Steven, Schmid, Attorney at Law.  Frear, Steven Schmid (Patent Law) California

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Turner in a Federal lawsuit that involved a lot of knowledge and expertise. We were engaged in an Intellectual Property Copyrights case, which involved extensive discovery litigation. Ms. Turner’s responsibility was to collect and preserve the requested electronically stored information (ESI), which resided on six workstations and five network shares, including two servers. In addition, numerous other tasks were asked of Ms. Turner and each time a new task was requested she quickly and efficiently competed the task. Ms. Turner performed exceptionally well under tough time constraints and proved to be a tremendously hard worker.

Computer Forensics: Iris Finsilver, Attorney at Law.  Law Office of Iris Joan Finsilver (Family Law) California

I have had the pleasure of working with [Genevieve] on a matter that involved a lot of expertise.  On top of the difficulties presented, Ms. Genevieve Turner’s determination to get the job done was another reason for success.  Ms. Genevieve Turner not only demonstrated her successful abilities in terms of computers(s), she also assisted in obtaining support persons to assist in various other areas, all of which led to the result my client and I had hoped to achieve. I am not confident other “experts” could have done the job nearly as well as Ms. Genevieve Turner did.

Computer Forensics:  Steve Odom, Attorney at Law.  Law Office of Steve Odom, California

I recently found myself in the position of attempting to pursue an employee who emptied her employer’s bank account, then removed all physical records of her actions and erased her office computer before leaving the state.  Ms. Turner was able to recover all records from the “erased” computer, and recreate a clear trail of the employee’s misdeeds.
Ms. Turner was highly professional and pleasant to work with. She appeared to know exactly what to do, and how to go about doing it.  Ms. Turner blended seamlessly with my office, and required no extra work on my part.  I highly recommend Ms. Turner to anyone attempting to retrieve “erased” information from a computer.

Computer Forensics:  Susan Gregor, (Family Law Matter) California

I hired Intelligent Computer Forensics to recover files on a community business computer that my ex would not give up, although it was court ordered.  In order to show all income, whether it was income generated or bonuses or loaned to….it would not have been accurate or complete without Intelligent Computer Forensics valuable service.  It had been almost four years of legal separation and without Intelligent Computer Forensics expert service; I am positive that this long divorce would have gone on and on.  I would recommend Genevieve Turner to anyone who needs computer forensic services.”

Robert Pelio, (Licensed Private Investigator)

I have used Genevieve several times in my business, great knowledge, fantastic with clients.

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