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Genevieve McGinty – Managing Partner

Cyber Security, Incident Response and Computer Forensic Expert

Founding a Computer Forensics company is the last thing anyone would expect of someone who started out early in life fighting forest fires in the remotest areas of California. But this is exactly the case with Genevieve. Tenacity, focus, hard work…these are the traits necessary to quench a raging forest fire. It is these same traits that Genevieve now breathe into every thing she does with IC Forensics.

Since founding IC Forensics in 2006, Genevieve has time and again stood out within the world of computer forensics. From being a part of a land-mark case setting federal precedent for the handling of electronic evidence, to being involved in a Federal Credit Union data breach, to helping a friend recover precious digital memories, Genevieve always brings all that she has to the “fire line.”


The People of The State Of California v Criminal Investigation | Case Number GJ13-44/39
Expert Testimony representing California Department of Justice in a Grand Jury Setting

The People of The State Of California v. JT Doyle Shepherd | Case Number SWF026523
Superior Court of California County of Riverside

Willis Insurance Services of California, Inc., V. Sharon Layden | Case Number 37-2010-00094261-CU-BT-CTL
State of California Superior Court for The County Of San Diego

Victor Stanley, Inc. V. Creative Pipe, Inc. |Case Number MJG-06-2662 (PWG)
United States District Court for The District of Maryland (Court Appointed Expert Testimony)

United States v. Terry Boll |Case Number CR09-40054
United States District Court of South Dakota (Expert Testimony Jury Setting)

The People of The State of California Vs. Robert Joel Pachner | Case Number CD220292
Superior Court of The State of California For The County of San Diego

People Of The State of California Vs. Wayne Wesley Beach Jr. |Case Number CD215910
Superior Court of California County Of San Diego Central Division

Susan D Gregor V. Steve Gregor |Case Number RFL 039100 -2007
San Bernardino Superior Court of California Court

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